Portfolio – Work I’ve done

After giving it some thought, it has been decided to add a couple of websites that have been created by Bob and it gives you a sample of what to expect. So far there are only two websites created and it is again as a result of us being a fledgling business as well.

It has been mentioned that if you are a new start-up, that you aren’t going to want a website that is too flashy… at least that is our hope. You will want something that is simple but functional. It gets the job done, and serves the purpose of getting your name out there in the Sumter community. 

The first website is Bob’s MMO (make money online) website and he uses blog posts to promote affiliate marketing as a method of bringing in passive income. That was his primary goal when starting to create websites… the thought wasn’t to do web design originally. It sort of happened by accident in a conversation with Whitney Jones of Computer Upgraders, LLC. 

From that conversation, an idea was formulated and Sumter Web Design was born.  So, here is Bob’s first personal website, no-more-time-clocks.com


Here is a second website, which is actually Bob’s first-ever website that was published originally with iPage.com, but then moved after Bob became a member of Wealthy Affiliates. It is actually his wife’s pet-sitting website for her pet-sitting business. Yes, she is serving the local Sumter community as well with her pet-sitting services and has been in business for about 4 years now.

Now, here comes the shameless plug… if you are going on vacation and are in need of a pet sitter to take care of your pet while you are gone… she takes care of them in your home while you are away. This way they stay in the comfort of home. Anyway, the shameless plug is over… check out her site here:

Sumter Web Design - ktscrittersitters

So, now you see two samples of his work. There are a lot of similarities with the two pages… your site will be different. These two pages were built with Hestia Theme from ThemeIsle using WordPress.

If you like what you see, give Bob a call.